I know where I can go, I am going back to Abingdon Health & Rehab. I have had rehab there before and was able to walk out the front door to go home. I was so happy when they wheeled me thru the front door at Abingdon Health & Rehab, because everyone is really nice.

-Ganell Bailey, Patient
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This is a good place and the therapy is good

-Anne Barnett

Everyone has just been great here. It is obvious the staff genuinely care for their patients. They have been so good to me.

-Melissa Reid

I am a native of Washington county and enjoyed “coming home” to assist in the opening of Abingdon Health & Rehab Center. It will be a center the community will be proud of.

-Nancy Waters, Service Excellence Officer

We, at CCR, are excited to be part of the Abingdon community. I have worked and traveled in the area for over 30 years and have always had a great affinity for Abingdon. We appreciate the support we’ve received and look forward to continuing our commitment to world class health care and customer service at Abingdon.

-Debbie Petrine, President and CEO