Resident Testimonial- Ganell Bailey

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Resident Testimonial- Ms. Ganell Bailey

Ms. Gannell Bailey was excited to share her experience at Abingdon Health & Rehab the day before she was scheduled to return home.  When she came down with bronchitis in mid-December, she began struggling to breath.  Her son, who is a nurse, took her to the hospital emergency department.

After being examined, the physician decided that Ms. Bailey should be admitted to the hospital.  On the fifth day of hospitalization it was time to be discharged from the hospital, but Ms. Bailey had become deconditioned after her illness and was not strong enough to return home safely.

When the discharge planner approached Ms. Bailey about receiving rehab, Ms. Bailey said she told them “I know where I can go, I am going back to Abingdon Health & Rehab”.  She stated “I have had rehab there before and was able to walk out the front door to go home”. I was so happy when they wheeled me thru the front door at Abingdon Health & Rehab, because everyone is really nice.”

Ms. Bailey arrived at Abingdon Health and Rehab on a stretcher and after almost three weeks of physical and occupational therapy, she will be walking out the front door again. Ms. Bailey stated that she has had another wonderful visit at Abingdon Health & Rehab.
“If you do what they tell you to do, you can get better.  It does take a little work, but it is well worth it. If I become ill again, I will be back.”