Abingdon Health and Rehab admits its First Resident

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Abingdon, Va –   Just moments prior to the arrival of the first resident of Abingdon Health and Rehab, Richie Alba joined his team together for a special message recognizing their achievements.  Then, with much preparation and anticipation, the team at Abingdon Health and Rehab welcomed the first Resident of AHRC.  “I feel very important” she said as she took in the crowd.  She captured the hearts of everyone present with her sweet smile and wonderful sense of humor.  The new Resident, her two daughters and granddaughter had everyone laughing as they became acquainted with the team.  Mr. Richie Alba, AHRC Administrator, was there to help her inside.  Alba said, “This moment is what we have all been working towards, we are all so happy you are here”.

The next step of receiving full licensure, according to Federal and State regulations, is notification of the Office of Licensure and Certification that we have admitted our first resident.  After an onsite visit, the center will receive full certification and at that time be able to open all neighborhoods for acceptance of short-term and long term residents.

Resident admissions are limited until certification is achieved; please contact the Center for more information.

Abingdon Health and Rehab is the twelfth center for CCR.  AHRC will provide specialized short term skilled nursing and rehabilitation, long term and memory care. The AHRC team happily invites you to experience the difference they bring to health & rehab care in this region.  Please contact Lori Martin at 276-451-2590 for information or to schedule a tour.  An Open House is planned for August 2 from 4:00 until 7:00; the public is invited to attend.